If your not watching Twit.tv you should be.


  If you are root, tech-knowledgeable, or tech-illiterate you should be paying attention to the content presented by the Twit network. Headed by Leo Leporte of Cnet fame this network is one of the most under appreciated wealth of knowledge on the net. For the tech junkies there are shows such as Security Now, Tech News Today, This Week in Tech, This Week in Computer Hardware, Mac Break Weekly, and so on to keep you informed. I know as a tech junkie myself that it has been the easiest method to absorb the wealth of information that launches as I work day to day. For the tech illiterate that want to learn how to keep their pc running there are shows such as The Tech Guy every Sunday that allows listeners/viewers to call in and ask questions. Leporte gives information in such a smooth and down to earth way that you will be able to understand it no matter your user level. I've placed a link at the top of this blog. Please take the time to give it a once over and see what you may be missing.