Cox Starts a Meter for all Residential Customers..and it starts.

I'm pretty upset about this. Cox has released a newsletter stating that they are now metering Internet usage. They include that at this time they will not be charging for overages. However, I can only see this going badly in the near future. As of right now they are pushing the issue as a “by the way wouldn’t it be nice to get a report of how much data you use?” I use the phrase data due to the fact that this reminds me of the recent move away from unlimited data made by Verizon and AT&T[mobile]. This scares me to no end as I can only see this becoming a cap with an outrageous fee attached when overages occur. I know this is an improper comparison but am I going to get a cap of how many hours or minutes of TV I can watch too?

For those of us who live our lives in the digital world this will be a major inconvenience and a major hit to the pocket eventually. How will this aid in innovation on the internet? I propose that it would harm innovation as we know it. How will this affect how many podcasts we view? How will this affect the number of gamers who are utilizing cox’s services? I for one live in Central Kansas and have NO other option for high speed internet unless I want to bump from 30mb speeds to somewhere around 10 with reliability being laughable. I am forced to ponder what my digital life will be like in 5-10 years. I have a daughter set to arrive in this world in October and I want her to have the world at her finger tips from the start not grow up in a world that is limited.

What is next will the idea of giving certain websites more bandwidth and throttling services that don’t pay a preferred service charge to the ISP become just as easy to digest to unknowledgeable users? I know the ISP’s and Mobile phone companies in the Unites States tried this recently and were shot down but with the changes going on how long before they pay off enough officials to get their plan set into motion as the oil companies have done for so many years. I feel it is the duty of all tech-knowledgeable people to be the front line and call these ridiculous items out and ask the intent of the ends, and by which means they are willing to use to get there. This depresses and frustrates me all at the same time. I love my tech and I hate the choke hold that is being placed on it, all so that companies can turn a bigger profit margin with minimal effort, while they squeeze every penny out of their users.

Dear Cox High Speed Internet Customer,

We'd like to take this opportunity to announce the availability of the Data Usage Meter. This new feature provides an easy way to check monthly household high-speed Internet data usage at any time. Monthly data usage is the amount of data that users send, receive, download or upload each month for movies and videos, photos, web surfing, email, gaming, and other files.

Each of our packages has a specific data usage amount. The amount depends on your Cox High Speed Internet package and corresponds to the speeds provided with the package. Our speediest package provides the highest usage amount. You are currently subscribed to the Premier Package which has a monthly data usage amount of 250 Gigabytes (GB). This is equivalent to streaming about 138 standard definition movies, or 83 high definition movies in a month*.

The vast majority of our customers do not exceed their usage amount in a month and Cox does not charge you an additional fee if you exceed it. However, if you find that you are exceeding the usage amount for your package, you should check for the following potential causes:

An unsecured wireless home network. If your wireless router does not have security enabled, others outside your home may be using your Internet service. Cox provides a free tool to test the security of your home network. The Home Network Security Check can be accessed by logging into your account via which will place you into Internet Tools. From there, simply select the Home Network tab

A computer virus. If your computer is infected with a virus, it may be transmitting large amounts of data without your knowledge. Cox strongly advocates Internet safety and security. That's why we offer all of our High Speed Internet customers free security software that will help protect your computers. Cox Security Suite Powered by McAfee® will shield you from many viruses, spam, phishing and spyware. It even comes with parental controls.

To download your copy in just a few minutes, simply visit and select the Security Suite tab in Internet Tools.

If after checking for these problems you find that you are still exceeding the usage amount, you may want to consider upgrading to another package that more closely matches your use of the service. Cox's top High Speed Internet package includes 400 GB per month.

To view your current data usage, follow these easy steps:
1. Visit
2. Sign in with your primary Cox username and password
3. Select the "Data Usage Allowance" tab on the left bar

The Data Usage Meter shows daily and monthly usage for your account starting with the beginning of your billing period. The monthly view shows the usage by month determined by the date of the end of your billing period. Over time, you will be able to see your household usage over the previous 12 months. The Data Usage Meter is only available to primary account users and secondary user accounts with billing access.

If you would like to learn more about the Data Usage Meter and how it works, please click here. To view the Cox High Speed Internet Acceptable Use Policy please visit.

You can also contact your local Cox customer service center for more information. Visit to find your local Cox contact number.

Thank you for choosing Cox

* Based on 1.8 GB for a Standard Definition Movie, 3 GB for a High Definition Movie