Admitting an addiction and admiring another.

Hi my name is Ryan... I'm addicted to electronics, tech, and the accumulation of it.

They say the first part of getting over an addiction is admitting you have one. I've been pondering as of late the massive amounts of tech I own and how much of it I actually need. The answer is none of it really, but I do have a grouping that makes my life easier. Due to my accumulation of gear I've made a tech prison out of my office and to the dismay of my wife it has spilled over into the rest of our house. I've finally decided enough is enough and instead of selling most of my gear I'm going to give my extras away. With my daughter coming into the world soon I can't help but want to break my family's semi hoarding disease and not pass it on. I've done well at avoiding most of the hoarding gene but when it comes to tech I'm sick. I became aware of this along time ago but never wanted to admit it. I've used my business to hide the addiction saying " I can save money on this part later if I need it!" When what actually happens is I never need it and it just accumulates to a pile of dead tech. The other day I tried to save a computer with obvious overheating issues that can't be resolved as it's a design flaw. This was the nail in the clarity coffin. Luckily enough this week is city wide cleanup in my town so some of my old computer junk that can't be recycled can be removed at no cost to me.

Admired addiction

There is an addiction that I admire, minimalism. I love seeing the clean workspaces on lifehackers flickr feed and long to imitate the neatness. The first step is being taken to achieve this goal. I'm confident that by the end of this month I will have regained control of my office and my sanity.