Life as I now know it.

It’s been a little of 3 months since my wife and I welcomed our daughter to this rock.  It’s been an interesting learning experience. I have found that tasks that would normally take a few hours over a weekend are now taking a month or more to finish. I think an alien from another planet that makes awkward facial expressions may have replaced my wife. The child seems to enjoy its presence so I’ll let it slide.  (Sappy Alert) In all serious though I’ve enjoyed watching my wife change from having really no hobbies to having one it seems she has known all along. She is amazing with our daughter and does things to entertain and care for her that I’ve not fathomed. 

Update on Annalynn:

All is well and she seems to be developing and growing at an alarming rate. She is a happy child that sleeps through the night (thus causing happy well rested parents) and is already forming her own personality.  The latest milestone is watching her get the hang of sitting up.

Personal update:

I’ve been slowing down my side work as a result of the little one. It has become quite hard to balance her care on the weekends and actually accomplish house chores let alone working on electronics on the side. I recently updated the hackintosh to 16gb of ram and a Corsair H100 water-cooling system. This has enabled me to overclock my machine to a comfortable 3.9ghz quad, starting with a base of 2.6 quad i5. My temps rarely stray from the range of 29c-45c.

 I’ve recently committed to learning to code with @codecademy on twitter. I must say I’m enjoying the heck out of it.  Gaming has been a casualty of time as well. I’ve even considered not renewing my xbl in April and taking some time off for a bit. No sense paying for xbl when you can’t be on anyway. When I get time to game I’ll renew it but my last outage between gaming was a month and I feel like I wasted some money.

Social Network Report:

I’ve successfully kicked the Facebook habit! Some say well you still have an account and you are also on Google+. My response is on Google+ I have a small tight knit group of friends and Tech Pundits I follow and that is the kind of Social Network experience I want to have. The only reason I have a Facebook account still is do to my side business page on the service and the fact that I would get castrated by family for no uploading a baby photo every now and then via my iPhone. I haven’t even done that in about 2 months now.

Side Project Updates:

The 78 C10 still sits in the side yard ready to get the proper tlc when money allows. The garage is getting cleaned up in preparation for the spring insulation project. Hopefully when that is finished I’ll have a nice organized garage I can fit any vehicle in. I may be setting expectations a little high though.

That’s it in a nutshell…or blog post. I figured I hadn’t updated my blog since Annalynn was born so I might as well make it a long one.