Vehicle Upgrade

Recently I finally convinced the wife it was time to get out of the Trailblazer and into a Volkswagen Passat wagon, or estate as the rest of the world calls it. A month ago this Wednesday we drove to Holton, Ks and picked up a 2003 Passat GL Wagon 1.8T. I must say I've been rather impressed with my V"dub" these past couple of weeks. The gas mileage is great and nearly doubles it's predecesor a 2002 Chevrolet Trailblazer.  I've been very pleased with the ride, and the acceleration. No more second guessing a pass from the SUV days. Stowage hasn't been an issue at all. I would say the Passat has just as much space as our SUV had. The real test for my wife on any car is ease of offspring transport. The passat passed the test with flying colors and is honestly the best car we have owned for the task. If you are in the market for a suv but are in the market simply for child transport, consider a wagon, they can be very sporty, and some have a 4wd option.