I sit here on this frigid Sunday evening, in somewhat of a nostalgic/reflective mood. I'm taking a break from designing a website for a local yearly event.  I sit here on the couch with my Macbook, iPhone 5, 40inch tv, Wife, Dog, and cup of coffee with my daughter's face printed on it. I can't help but feel very accomplished and fortunate, perhaps a tad bit lucky. I'm 2 months shy of 26 and I've accomplished more than most my age and more than some 2-3 times my senior. I've got a steady job, that I actually enjoy. I have a loving wife that puts up with my nerdery whilst keeping me contained. I have a daughter who I do not believe I have screwed up yet...yet. I have a house that isn't in shambles and falling apart (looking side to side for the I shouldn't have just said that catastrophe). I drive a car I enjoy and actually own more vehicles than there are people in my household (4 run, 3 tagged). In the past 6 years I've gone from poor college kid thinking my future was playing in a band, to middle class IT worker with a wife and daughter. 6 years ago you never would have convinced me I'd be where I am, let alone living in Kansas.  I've worked hard for what I've got but I've also had a considerable amount of luck thrown in. I try to steamroll through whatever is thrown in my path and keep on going. I think alot of what I've achieved is due to my stubbornness.  As an example I was told once that I wouldn't walk again without the aid of some sort of device, more than likely a cane. That wasn't in my plan so I ignored it. I'm not trying to discount the amazing work of surgeons and physical therapists, but I do believe had I not had the level of stubbornness I have I might still carry a cane. I'm thankful for what I have, what lays ahead, and for the people who have helped me along the way.