Update, Selling our current home.

We took the leap about a month ago and listed our house for sale with a local realtor. We set our eyes on a goal, a bigger house, a newer house, a yard for the child and dog, and a bigger office space. The last part might just be me...actually it is definitely just me. As I make a leap to try and keep a larger presence on the web with my side business, FairchildComputers.com . I find that I need a bigger office or two separate rooms to keep my business office separate from my workroom office. I hope to have a new headquarters I can be proud of, spawn inspiration, and still get my side work done. The whole process that goes through my head is pretty well laid out in my latest google+ posting:

Trying to sell your house is a pain the ass. It doesn't help when you are biting your nails over the possibility of the house you want being sold before you can obtain it. Day dreaming and scheming over the layout of your new office in said house doesn't make it any less frustrating either. I know most people simply put a desk in their office and set their computer on it, but when you are a nerd/entrepreneur/IT guy it becomes a very intense project. I have to think about my cable runs, how many cat6 jacks I want and where, how many additional electrical outlets, lighting, cable management, triple monitor positioning, server placement, multi-webcam placement, workbench placement, additional seating for clients and collaborators, and plan for future expansion. Most people look at a house and say, "my tiny L shape desk will fit in here, not this guy, it's a process, and possibly an art. All complaining aside I do still realize I am lucky to even have the option of buying a bigger house and creating the setup I've described above in the current economy we are in. Don't get me wrong I realize that I'm pretty lucky right now, but damn those first world problems.