This Fat guy is almost skinny..

Some of you may know about the decision I made earlier this year to finally take control of my weight.  I've always know I was overweight, but it never really hit as it did after a car wreck in September 2008. I weighed 265 lbs at the hospital that night.  I knew I had gained some weight but I didn't realize how bad it was until that night. Being out of commission for awhile there after didn't help with the weight and only made it worse. I started losing weight that year to get ready for a hike with some friends as a "hey I'm recovered" treat for myself. I made it down to 235 lbs still heavy but better that I had been. Immediately after the hike I gained all of the weight back plus some. Fast forward to 2011 when my daughter was born. I found myself thinking about having to keep up with her when she gets older and if I was going to be able to keep up with her in my current physical condition.  I pondered this for the next couple of months. Come late December 2011, I decided I'd finally had enough and I was going to start my weight loss plan. I worked out like a fiend all of January, until my knees decided they didn't quite like running on a treadmill. I lost what I believe to be a considerable amount of weight in the first month. Since I was no longer working out in February I decided that it would be the perfect time to take a look at my diet. I had already quit drinking soda, and had cut back on fried foods. This time I decided, no fried food, very little sugar, and I needed only drink tea, water, and coffee. It worked like a champ and I continued to lose weight even without working out. This continued with about 1 work out every 2 weeks up until the beginning of July.  This month I've begun cycling, I haven't done much but I can say that it is a more intense workout than the treadmill ever was. I find it's easier to push myself and in return have a quality workout. The other plus is I can burn more calories in a shorter amount of time as well. In January I recorded my weight at 275 lbs. Today I am 2 lbs short of 50 lbs of weight loss at 227 lbs. My current goals are to be at 215 by my daughters birthday in October, and at or below 200 lbs by my birthday in December. When I reach 200 lbs it will be the lightest I have been since the summer before college 7 years ago. Currently with my weight-loss I've been able to ditch my CPAP machine as well as the heartburn pills I took everyday. I feel more confident, healthier, and feel as though I might actually live to see 1 petabyte internet speeds.

  I wish I would have taken my health into consideration along time ago, It's not that hard to do once you decide to do it. The motivation isn't very hard either, make a list either physically or mentally of items you would like to accomplish. Once you've completed your list go take a long hard look in a full length mirror and ask yourself can I accomplish even half of those goals in my current condition? Would it be easier if I were healthier? Once I'd done that I found the motivation to finally start down the path to a healthier lifestyle. I am still very much an amateur but for me that is what it took and I think I'm doing a pretty damn good job.