Decisions Decisions

Drop Fairchild Computers and concentrate on coding my ios and android apps, or Continue with Fairchild Computers.? 

This question has been bugging me lately. Do I continue pushing off what I believe to be a great App idea, or do I devote all the time I normally spend on repairing pc's and gadgets to  writing said App.  This has been a tough one for me. I have a client base that has me as their go to guy for repairs but I find myself itching to code.  There is the money part of it, I make a very modest amount of money on my side work but it's money none the less. Usually enough to support my gaming habits.  Does it make me happy is the other question, not so much any more. I enjoy building websites which I plan on continuing regardless, I also enjoy giving talks which I will possibly still do. What I don't enjoy is having a deadline on a repair and missing out on time with my Family and time to concentrate on coding / projects.  I want to rise to the rank of amateur dev. In the process of writing this post I've made the decision, coding it is. Happiness over money and all that.