New House

After a long wait it has happened, we have moved into our new used house. We are still in unpacking stage. I expect this to continue for atleast another month. We hit the ground running as soon as we moved in. Within a few hours I was already stripping a wall to the studs and calling an electrician to rewire the wall. I spent 4 straight days working on the list I had compiled prior to our move. The list in no particular order was:

Strip office wall to studs

Run wiring for av and network in office

Install washer and dryer

Fix door latch

Remove trees (5 of them)

Remove Basketball goal

Sheetrock Office

Build Built in desk

Mount Monitors (4 of them)

Install server rack

Rerun Coax

Mount Family room tv above fireplace

Hang Shelves in office

Paint Office

Paint Garage floor

With that the initial list is finished. I had help from my father-in-law and my wife of course but I still say that is one heck of an undertaking for only having just moved in 2 weeks ago. 


Once I have the office unpacked completely and cleaned up I'll take some pictures and post them.