State of Home Technology

It has been awhile since I've blogged and I'm decided that I'm going to try and do it more often. So check back regularly. On to the actual post.

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So I've been thinking about the state of home technology lately. What do we use in our home environments and what do we actually need. ( I know that need is a strong word, we don't NEED any of it, lets not fret the semantics and just roll with it.) In my personal house hold we have 2 Macbooks, an extremely over powered desktop pc that runs; Ubuntu, Windows7, and OSx. We have a network share, 2 access points, a Sonicwall, and a 16 port switch, all powered by a Docsis 3.0 modem hooked to cox internet services. We have 2 iPhones, an iPad, and an AppleTv. This is all that is currently running as I type this. I realize this is not your average home network. I've begun to realize that even for the tech junkie this is possibly overkill. Thus the question of how can I simplify all of this, aka reduce the number of devices at my next house. Once my wife is done with her current Macbook I will hand her an iPad, or... a Windows 8 Tablet. Ok I realize that last part was a shock to most of the people who know me. After watching my wife's computer habits for the last 6 years I've come to realize that she is as basic as a user gets. If she can upload photos to Shutterfly and get to Facebook she is good. I first thought about an ipad for her but came to the conclusion this wouldn't be the best option due to the small amount of storage and her inability to load the thing full of photos from the DSLR without some adapter or other outside the device method like a network share. With a W8 tablet she would have the ability to simply plug the camera in and download the photos as she is used to. Not to mention the space being not so limited on the device.  Don't get me wrong The windows 8 tablets have yet to prove themselves to me but they are getting there. Mainly the biggest problem I've had stomaching the idea of purchasing one is the fact that I have had no hands on time with one, zip, nada, zilch. I wish you could demo one for awhile and then send it back. Now Microsoft if you can hear me, let me have some hands on time and maybe I'll consider a purchase.

The average house hold I imagine could get by with an iPad and that is it. Maybe a laptop for loading pictures to the net and keep historical files. Even then maybe a NAS with online backup integration would get them by. How about a NAS with built in usb and card readers that a basic end user could walk up to and plug their camera into and auto download all of their photos into. That would be a great way to eliminate the desktop and laptops that many households still cling to.  Well it looks to already exist. One of the offerings in this field is the Asus Nas-M25 . I want to state that I DO NOT endorse this product as I've never used it and have no experience with it. This kind of devices looks to be the missing link in the argument to go 100 percent tablet. Combine this with online storage solutions such as Google Drive and you are set to be able to do all the work a simple home user is looking for.

I'm looking for comments and thoughts on this subject. How is your home network and the state of your technology. Have you even thought about it? What makes up your home network?