Windows7 on a consumer level Windows8 PC.

Borrowed from

Borrowed from

Recently I found quite a great deal over at The HP Envy 6 core AMD. The machine shipped with Windows8 but to be used as a gaming rig, Win8 just wasn't going to cut it. So I sat down the path of installing Win7 for support for an aging gaming catalog. What I assumed would be an easy upgrade soon turned into a headache inducing long evening. Planning on installing from a cd?; Forget it. Go grab a usb thumbdrive and the Microsoft Live USB tool. Want to partition that Win8 HD and install there?; Forget about it. Either wipe the drive or get a different drive if you want to dual boot. You will need make some changes in the bios. To get into the bios spam the ESC key.  Once in the bios, change the boot security to off, change the legacy support to on, and change the drive from raid to AHCI. Now start down the path of upgrading.

So the quick break down is as follows:

To downgrade to Windows 7 turn off secure boot in the bios, turn on legacy mode, change the disk from raid to ahci and remove the 1tb drive and reformat it on a separate machine to get rid of the gpt filesystem. Also install from a windows 7 usb


If you have any questions or need help downgrading your Win8 machine comment or use my contact form to get ahold of me. Cheers!