Another post no one will read.

 Here is an update on the state of the Fairchild Household:

The wife and I have been working our money making mojo to build as much revenue as possible. We recently signed a contract on a house and are attempting to build up enough money to do some upgrades from the get go.   She has taken extra on-call shifts and I've ramped the side work back up. So far we are sitting pretty. Which brings me to a piece of advice I think anyone purchasing a home needs. Micromanage is not a bad word. When you start into a real estate transaction, think of your banker and your agent as employees. Make sure to check in on every step of the process and ask for a timeline/next 3 steps. I've found this transaction to run alot smoother as I stay on top of all of the small details and flow of paperwork/communication. This is not to say that parties other than yourself don't know what they're doing or put forth their best effort to get things done in a timely manner. Keeping yourself visible in the process just seems to help keep people motivated, be it to help you out or to just stop hearing from you. We have set a on or before closing date in October. With this particular house being a foreclosure property thus empty, it looks like with the proper motivation and diligence the house could close in the next 2-3 weeks.  At which point the office project mentioned many posts back gets a green light. I know it has no effect on anyone but myself, but I'm excited.  Every nerd needs a batcave, and the freedom to create that comes with it.