Short Update

It's been a few months now since we have moved in. The office is 3/4 of the way done..I think. We moved on to installing the home theater system including new LED can lighting and in-ceiling speakers. So far the projects are moving right along. After two admittedly self indulging projects we will be moving on to the main bathroom. If anyone has any tips on making a small bathroom feel bigger feel free to shoot us an email or comment below. Marisa has been keeping her health in order (yay science) and Annalynn is a ball of energy. <sidenote> I can see how much my daughter is like me and it scares me more every day. </sidenote>  Once this mysterious white solid moisture stops falling from the sky and mother nature has her hot flashes again we will resume work on the exterior of our dwelling. The holidays were spent fat and happy and the new year brings on new challenges and new opportunities. My wife and I started 2014 with 2 funerals that should have never happened. A poor way to start the year but in a way necessary to reground you and cause a pause. I can't speak for my wife but what I've taken from it is, don't screw with your health, if you are unhealthy work on it, appreciate what is in front of you, and don't take for granted the opportunities in your path. We only breath so many times before it is gone, hold onto that last breath and fight for it.  We may all have one foot in the grave but that doesn't mean that your central digit can't be passionately pointed at death.