My 3/4 of a year update / Learning to say no

It's been awhile, 3/4 of a year really, and to be honest I can state that the reason for lack of update is constant motion. The quantity of activity hasn't been abnormal but the quality of it has taken a step up. In the last 10 months I've come to concentrate on my actions a bit more due to some items that were brought to my attention. I have realized that I am one single being and no matter what I attempt I will not create more time in a 24-hour period. If someone cracks that code I'd happily help you sustain it and make coffee along the way.


The family has been healthy for the most part, my wife continues to take on her CF one day at a time while continuing to show up on time to her job every day and be a wonderful mother to our child. Both of which astound me considering her malady. She had a stint of sinus issues and an allergy test. Said test confirmed that our interior renovation timetable must be turned on its head, the carpet must go. Our daughter turned 3 recently and continues to be a constant source of joy and frustration, about a 75/25 cocktail.

The Business

I've been working at it for a while but I believe I have found the proper balance of work and life. If you are asking how is it possible to find a balance or even begin to there is a key ingredient that is so simple yet can seem a daunting task to hand out. That ingredient is the word no, ehem NO. Two simple letters that when put together really free up your time. I went through a period where saying no to the offer of work and in turn financial compensation was foreign to me. More money is always good right? This helps us obtain creature comforts both for our family and selves while keeping the hands of financial doom off our throats. Once in the throes of work you begin to see the side effects: Tiredness leads to short fuses, Time constraints lead to less personal time and even worse less family time. The word "no" is a golden wrench in my toolbox.


Lately I've started down the path of a few pastimes. I’m working on the art of making an excellent cup of coffee and/or espresso. I find that that quality of the morning cup can really set the tone for your day. The kitchen still pulls me in from time to time to try concocting my own spin on meals be it marinara from scratch or some sort of bastardized Mexican dish. My wife puts up with it and my child seems to enjoy it as well. As corny as it sounds I've been doing a decent amount of studying on myself. I’m becoming an avid reader of The Art of Manliness. As well as evaluating the unnecessary shortcuts we have brought on ourselves. I have bought-in, in a sense, to the seeming movement of “back in the day”. The “they didn't have this and they got along just fine” experiment. Perhaps it’s the recent passing of my grandfather, or my constant involvement with technology. I don't believe you can beat a classic safety razor and the idea of working with your hands being a rewarding endeavor. This brings me to another spouse annoying plight I have taken up, the beard. My face mane has been in growth since March of this year and I have no plans to remove my face warmer. My significant other has successfully urged me to trim it once, but other than this one folly it still retains glory.

LIfe is good.


I’ve got a beard, we are getting new flooring in our home, the child turned 3, the wife has endured through her constant fight with CF, I’ve got new hobbies of self improvement and coffee making. My grandfather passed. I’m learning the art of the word NO.

Have a great day and donate to some causes. Might I recommend The CF Foundation. Look into the Amazon smile program, help causes while shopping.

I am not a writer, I am a grammar dunce.

If you find terrible offenses to the English language please email or comment and I will address them. By contacting me with corrections you are helping me learn and further improve my grasp on proper use of the written English language.