Bringing a Passion Project to life.

It's no mystery to anyone who knows me that I have a history of self inflicted busy. I hate time off.  I'm the kind of person who needs to be working on something (anything) at all times. With my love of cycling, beer, and life I've partnered up with some friends and begun what I hope to be my mark on the community. Summer 2016 shall be the birth of BIke Brew and Q. I know that the name may seem confusing now but will soon make complete sense.  Neil Frizell, Jason Woods, and myself are working together to bring a Cycling event and Brew Expo to Barton County. This idea started with the itch to have a local cycling event. Neil and I began discussing the idea while on a normal Tuesday night shop ride. Neil coined the name Bike Brew and Q. This is all I needed for my mind to run aloof with ideas. it wasn't a week later that I started with the initial planning of the event. I brought the ideas to Neil's attention and then recruited friend and craft beer connoisseur Jason Woods to help bring this concept to life. With this team I feel that anything is possible. As with all events of this magnitude there has to be a driving force. You need a goal to rally around. For me this was a no brainer. Having been tied to Cystic Fibrosis in some way my entire life (be it my cousin Nathan, or my beautiful wife Marisa) I knew what I had to do. I contacted the CF Foundation and went to work building this into a sanctioned Cystic Fibrosis Foundation charity event. We are still in the early stages but things are looking brighter and brighter as the plans come together. I invite everyone to watch it grow and participate if you wish by volunteering or donating. Please visit and give me ANY feedback you may have. All input is greatly appreciated and can only help make this event as successful as possible. 


Give feedback via the contact page, or the button below. Please include BIkeBrewQ in the subject line.