Exhausted is a Good Thing.

Sometimes watching your sweat bounce off your knuckles, while breathing like a fat man chasing cake, is what it takes to cause a flashback of reasons why one would do this to themselves. I mean not 10ft away is a door that hides air conditioning, cookies, candy, pop, and a plethora of other feel good substances. Perhaps because you did that for 28 years and you really got tired of being the fat kid. The wheezing at the top of stairs, the making excuses for not doing activities that might make you have to move the bulbous mass you have put on, the not feeing good about yourself. So instead you finish breathing take a drink of water, walk it off and go find your chair. The chair that is cold and relaxing and you wouldn't mind passing out in.  Then as I've recently discovered the pain, goes away. What comes next is almost a euphoria. You become happy, feel accomplished, and the craving for those negative impact foods disappears. You crave a Cliffbar, fruit, and water.  Since I started out this time I've lost 25lbs. I really didn't start hitting it hard until the last quarter of April 2015. All I have done is watched calories and made sure to burn atleast an extra thousand calories a day. I use a fitness tracker. From everything I've been able to read, and user feedback the Fitbit seems to be the best of the bunch. Between the Fitbit and an app called MyFitnessPal I've been able to keep track of myself.  I've pushed myself to ride my bike more seriously this year. When my mind and body say, "You know we could stop!?!" It's time to push harder. Within a 100 yards it gets better. I've been watching a lot of videos lately that talk about how cycling just hurts, that's all there is to it, and you have to just learn to deal with it. I'm intrigued by this. If you can push past pain in cycling is that not a lesson in self discipline? I keep thinking to myself that learning to work past the pain cycling could improve other aspects of my life. That last sentence is really where the reasoning for doing this to myself reveals itself. This is all to better myself. I've already noticed myself sleeping better, the obvious weightloss, and my attention span has steadied a bit. Overall I guess what this post is saying is, if this fat kid can do it so can you. You may have to eat differently than others in your family, you may have to reserve time for the exercise, but it is completely worth it.  What do I know I'm a not so fat anymore kid writing on his own blog while the euphoria wears off.