2015 Mowbray Metric

I'm not going to attempt to craft this post as I did the previous edition. Lets keep this to the point. Today was my introduction to the great event that is the Mowbray Metric in McPherson Kansas. The weather reports at 6am looked like it was doomed to be a wet and possibly miserable ride. However the storm stayed mostly north of the course and things went well. I felt refreshed and ready this morning and I believe it showed in the results. I was shocked when I pulled into town with 2 other riders that I played chase with (they were ahead and I was determined to catch them) only to find out that by doing so I was at the lead of the pack with them, thus crossing the line in a trifecta of win*. The event was well organized and from what I hear there were 140 registered riders. The following lunch was great with delicious ice cream to boot. If you find yourself in Kansas in mid July and feel the need to participate in a fun event of the 20/40/62 mile variety I suggest you attend.  Next year the 62 will be my leg. 

*The event was not a race, but as has been told to me many times, by many people, more than one person on a ride becomes a race. 


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