Update for the sake of update.

Emma is 3 months old today, time has flown. Annalynn is asking why she isn't in school yet (approaching 5). Marisa is juggling her entire load plus the absence of a husband due to my hobbies/work/charity event. Overall things are going great for us! Speaking of a charity event (BikeBrewQ.com) Bike Brew Q is taking most of my time these days when I'm not working, watching the kids, or cycling. Running an event this size isn't easy but I'm enjoying the experience and keeping my eye on the prize as they say. Tickets went on sale on 6/6. If you haven't purchased tickets yet I highly advise doing so.  I'm heading out Saturday to attempt my first century ride (100 Miles) at the Kr2. My bike is in the shop as I type getting prepped for the event. I'm slightly doubtful I'll make it but that's half the fun. When I complete it I will likely dive into a food and beer coma. I've reinstated my presence on facebook (evil evil evil) for the sake of Bike Brew Q. Being a part of facespace allows patrons to be able to ask me questions directly in the most convenient way for them.  I wasn't going any certain direction with this post I just realized it had been a few months since I last posted an update. So there it is....your update.

Tickets for Bike Brew Q: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/bike-brew-q-tickets-25395897814