2017 BBQ in the works and setting health goals.

Last year Joe, Neil, and I ran a successful cycling and craft brew charity event and raised a good deal of money for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. I may have pulled off a cycling event but cycling was not something I was doing enough of. I can look back now and see how unhealthy my weight was and see the snowball effect it had. I'm now almost 40lbs heavier than I was at my peak health back in 2015. With that in mind, I'm determined to make the changes to get back to my peak and perhaps even shave 10-15lbs off of it. My plan is to exercise every day.  I'm not talking about tackling an hour work out twice a day every day. I'm talking about starting out slowish. One of my biggest excuses for not riding has been my spouse's work schedule. However I have an indoor trainer, and I have hours of time that I can be on the trainer after everyone is in bed. The other excuse has been finding quick things to eat. There are ample salad bars in town. I've tried getting into odd diets that I've seen other people have success with and watched myself fail. I'm going back to the simple calorie in calorie out the equation that served me so well the first go around. Zwift and Hulu will likely be my scale tippers. Watch tv and game while riding a bike, sounds like a winning combo to me.  Bike Brew Q 2017 is in the works and paperwork has been sent out to the various places it needs to reside. This year's event will be July 29th for those interested. For more information visit BikeBrewQ.com . By July 29th I hope to have sustained my weight loss for at least a month and be healthy once again. Here is to shaving off 40lbs through hard works, and willpower and to never putting it on again. 

Sidenote: I think I'm going to attempt to blog the entire experience day by day. Listing food, calories, exercise and possibly pictures. This might be a better way to keep me accountable. 


It's 5:12pm on March 7th thus far I've had no exercise and I've consumed 880 calories.